Serene painting a triumphant end of 2018

December 20, 2018

Congratulations to our student Serene Ghandour who took her self-portraits from the LAU classrooms into the most renowned Lebanese art galleries. Serene is featured in three galleries this winter.

"Self Portrait, Seated"  Was exhibited at the 33rd Salon D’Automne (2 Nov, 2018 to 14 Jan, 2019) held at the Sursock Museum. Her auto-portrait painting has had such a strong stopping power, that she was asked to be a speaker during the “Artists on Art” talk at the Salon.

"My Medication and I" - "I’m So Tired"  Around the same time (30 Nov to 7 Dec, 2018), “Women in Front” launched the exhibition “Break All Frames” at Beit Beirut with the aim to challenge stereotypes and shatter misconceptions of Lebanese women. Two other pieces of Serene’s auto-portrait series were a perfect fit. 

"Self Portrait, Comfortable"  Serene showcased a video for the N.G.O Skoun at Cub gallery, and presented a third painting from the same series for an entire month.