Lebanese women celebrated through poster design

December 11, 2018

On December 10th, the Rima Hourani Exhibition Hall at the Byblos Campus hosted the 99 Posters exhibition. The space was filled with cleverly designed posters putting into practice various design pillars like typography, layout, grid structure, color and composition. Other than showcasing design principles, these posters paid tribute to Lebanese women that left their trace on society.

The women ranged from TV presenter Raya Abi Rached to KAFA founder Zoya Jureidini Rouhana. The objective of this showcase was to employ the power of a poster to bring these figures into the public eye.

Congratulation on a job well done to the nine third year Byblos graphic design students (Yara Antoun, Jean-Pierre El Hajj, Chloe El Khoueiri, Maria Farhat, Hana Ghemrawi, Ghiwa Jebran, Ramzi Khalife, Tatiana Khalil, and Kitina Matar) who were behind the design of the 99 posters.