Congratulations to our awarded GD students

April 22, 2017
Jamie Sue melki

Leo Burnet’s chairman Farid Chehab hands the award to India Arida, Rami Rikka, Cherine Karout, Shada fadlallah and Mario Abou Sleiman during the graphic design end of year exhibition.

Jamie Sue Melki had the chance to discuss with 3 of the awarded students to understand better their inspiration.

India Arida “Sensorily yours” 

Inspiration: We are living in a city and in an environment where we no longer pay attention to the things that happen around us—we are looking without seeing we are hearing without listening we are touching without feeling.

Walking with visually impaired people around Beirut, I was able to see how they perceive the environment, what they feel, see, hear and touch but we do not consciously pay attention to.

Her advice to students: You don't need to know from the beginning what the end result is going to be. It is an ongoing process that keeps on changing directions and evolving and there is always room for improvement.

Cherine Karout “Macro Micro Memo”

Inspiration: I picked memory because it is the essence of everything. I think you are who you are because of the memories you’ve had as a child.

Her advice to students: If you are hesitant about studying graphic design then it’s not really what you want… that’s how it worked for me at least. \

Rami Rikka “Break up kit” 

Inspiration: I went through a terrible time after a serious relationship of five years, which left me really devastated. I thought to myself “I have a problem that doesn't have a solution” and I figured I would try to find a treatment for breakups. A first aid kit for heartbreak.

His advice to students: Be very passionate. It takes a lot of experience and practice and definitely hard work.