Congratulation Nour Daher for the Sepcial Stone Award

Our own fashion design student, Nour Daher, was awarded with the Special Stone award by the Italian design company: Origin, Passion, and Beliefs. The competition was about fashion entrepreneurship where Nour admitted her portfolio along 4000 applicants, 28 were elected and 7 prizes were given.

Through her collection, Nour came back to old scenes from Beirut and created prints out of them. She used Birds of Paradise as her motif because it was a great reflection of her family background as her father is an agricultural engineer and those were the flowers they grew in their house in the south of Lebanon. The main materials used were plexi, vinyl and Schwarzkopf.

Her background as an LAU fashion design student made her feel advanced among the other applicants in the competition. Nour highlights that her instructor, Jason Steel, helped her a lot through her collection by identifying the reasons why she liked certain designs, and advised her how to experiment with them.